Dirty Martini Dip

25 May

I’ve given myself the self-proclaimed title of “Dip Whisperer.” There is always at least one, if not two or three, of these one-bowl wonders present at all of our gatherings. I love dips because they are the perfect party food — most can be made in advance, there’s endless flavor and dipper combinations and, if we get down to it, they’re just so darn good.

While Knorr Spinach Dip is one of my old stand-bys, I’m always on the look-out for new dips that are a good fit with veggies.

This dip recipe was inspired by a jarred Dirty Martini dip we got as a “freebie” at the 2011 Fancy Food Show. Now I love me a Dirty Martini (or two) and I love me some dip so I couldn’t think of a better combination. While the jarred dip was okay, it had lots of ingredients I didn’t recognize and it was a little too dense to be a true dip. Plus I’m a purist and it kills me to use pre-packaged and pre-made anything. So I read the ingredients, googled “Dirty Martini Dip” recipes, made a few tweaks and, viola, came up with a Dirty Martini Dip perfect for veggies like cucumbers, celery and baby carrots. It’s also wonderful with crackers.

Note — some of you teetotalers out there may scoff at the idea of adding liquor to the dip but it really intensifies the dip’s flavors and is a must-do. Plus how can you call it “Dirty Martini” without a little bit vodka?

Dirty Martini Dip
1 (8-ounce) package of cream cheese, softened (light okay)
1 tablespoon mayonnaise (light okay)
1/4 c. green olives with pimento, coarsely chopped
1/4 c. sour cream (light okay)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
2 1/2 tablespoon olive brine (“juice” from the olive jar)
4 pickled jalapeno slices (such as Mezzetta Deli Sliced Tamed Jalapeño Peppers)
2 green onions, sliced
1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper
1 tablespoon vodka

1) Place all ingredients in food processor work bowl.

2) Process using short pulses, scraping bowl as necessary, until well combined.

3) Chill for at least two hours (can be made a day ahead).

4) Serve “up” in a martini glass with crackers, celery, carrots and other vegetables. Garnish with a few slices of pimento-stuffed green olives.

Makes 1 1/2 cups of dip


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